County Court Judge Jamie Grosshans Appointed to Fifth District Court of Appeal

On July 27, 2018, Governor Rick Scott announced the appointment of Jamie R. Grosshans to the Fifth District Court of Appeal. Judge Jamie R. Grosshans, 39, of Winter Garden, is a county judge for Orange County, and previously served as an Assistant State Attorney for the Ninth Judicial Circuit. She received her bachelor’s degree from […]

Governor Rick Scott Appoints Mitchell D. Bishop to Union County Court

On July 12, Governor Rick Scott appointed Mitchell D. Bishop of St. Augustine, to Union County Court. Bishop fills the vacancy left by Judge Bo Bayer’s resignation. Bishop, 36, of St. Augustine, is an Assistant State Attorney for the 7th Judicial Circuit and a Judge Advocate for the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves. A graduate of […]

Phoebee Francois Appointed to Broward County Court

Judge Phoebee Francois was sworn into office by Chief Judge Jack Tuter on Monday, July 2, three days after being appointed to the bench by Governor Rick Scott. Judge Francois is a former Hearing Officer in the Seventeenth Circuit. Source:

Chief Justice Canady Speaks with Law Student Interns at Polk County Courthouse

On May 31, Chief Justice Canady spoke with law student interns at the Polk County Courthouse. This is the sixth year the Tenth Judicial Circuit has offered law students the opportunity to participate in this observation-based internship program. The program began Tuesday, May 29, 2018, and ended Friday, June 15, 2018. The interns observed firsthand […]

Ask Judge Smith: Explaining the judicial process

Leon County Court Judge Layne Smith is writing a series of columns in the Tallahassee Democrat to help the public answer common questions about the court process such as civics, history, the constitution, criminal law, civil law, and legal procedure. Read his recent column in the Tallahassee Democrat. Source: Tallahassee Democrat