Florida Rules of Court

Fla. R. Jud. Admin., Rule 2.220

Rule 2.220. Conferences of Judges

(1) Organization. There shall be a “Conference of County Court Judges of Florida,” consisting of the active and senior county court judges of the State of Florida.

(2) Purpose. The purpose of the conference shall be:

(A) the betterment of the judicial system of the state;

(B) the improvement of procedure and practice in the several courts;

(C) to conduct conferences and institutes for continuing judicial education and to provide forums in which the county court judges of Florida may meet and discuss mutual problems and solutions; and

(D) to provide input to the Unified Committee on Judicial Compensation on judicial compensation and benefit issues, and to assist the judicial branch in soliciting support and resources on these issues.

(3) Officers. Management of the conference shall be vested in the officers of the conference, an executive committee, and a board of directors.

(A) The officers of the conference shall be:

(i) the president, president-elect, immediate past president, secretary, and treasurer, who shall be elected at large; and (ii) one vice-president elected from each appellate court district.

(B) The executive committee shall consist of the officers of the conference and an executive secretary.

(C) The board of directors shall consist of the executive committee and a member elected from each judicial circuit.

(D) There shall be an annual meeting of the conference.

(E) Between annual meetings of the conference, the affairs of the conference shall be managed by the executive committee.

(4) Authority. The conference may adopt governance documents, the provisions of which shall not be inconsistent with this rule.

(d) Cooperation and Coordination. The conference of judges shall cooperate and coordinate with each other and the state courts administrator on all matters that have implications for the branch as a whole, consistent with their purpose of the betterment of the judicial system of the state and subject to the direction of the chief justice as the chief administrative officer of the judicial branch.

Amended by 302 So.3d 315, effective 9/10/2020; amended by 125 So.3d 754, effective 10/31/2013; amended by 119 So.3d 1211, effective 12/20/2012; amended by 102 So.3d 451, effective 6/21/2012; amended by 121 So.3d 1, effective 2/9/2012